Dell PA-12 Laptop Power Supply

Dell PA-12 Laptop Power Supply

$35.99 $29.99

PA-12 Laptop Power Supply/AC Adapter – 65W 19.5V 3.34A for Dell Laptops


Product Description

Concerned with the cost of Original Equipment Laptop Power Supplies?  Don’t be fooled into the extremely cheap knock-offs from overseas.  These are high quality, non-OEM compatible chargers that come with a warranty. 

We have power supplies for nearly any laptop, starting at just $34.99!

Adapter Type: PA-12 (Dell)
Wattage: 65W
Voltage: 19.5V
Amperage: 3.34A

Brand-new PA-12 power supply is non-OEM but very high quality, and compatible with many Dell laptops. Not sure if this is the right power supply for your laptop? Call us and ask! We’re happy to help, and our wide selection allows us to get what you need.