What If?”

Second Time Around Computers Started  In 2010 With The Question, “What If”


There are too many “what ifs” to list, but as you can see we set out to be a different kind of  company. 

We are first and foremost a family business.   Our whole family takes part and we are proud to call the 14 employees family as well.  Since 2009 our vision began when we  launched our first retail location in a small 2,000 square foot shop on the Hannegan Road, Bellingham.   In only four years the company now employees 14 people and occupies two retail locations  occupying almost 9.000 square feet including Bellingham and Lynden. In February 2014 Second Time Around Computers achieved the milestone of passing 7000 clients in Whatcom County and beyond.

We work hard everyday to manage the growth of the company, and are committed to never forget where we came from. We are unashamedly committed to our faith, and will never forget He, who has blessed us immensely.

We are honored to serve our community, churches, customers and family and consider all of those we deal with just that…”Family”.

Second Time Around Computers and Safe and Easy Recyling